Winter Weather Layers

Keeping comfortable and warm in cooler weather starts with a good base layer. Here are some of our best pieces for layering on those cooler winter days.


Black Bamboo Bodysuit

Bamboo Bodysuit

A well-crafted cold weather outfit begins with the perfect foundation – a breathable, comfortable bodysuit. Public Myth's Bamboo Bodysuit is designed to provide a seamless silhouette, serving as an ideal base layer for your outfit. Whether paired with a cozy sweatshirt, your favourite hoodie, this bodysuit adds a touch of comfort and style to your layered look

Bamboo Tank Tops

Our tanks tops are not just for the warmer weather but an all year long staple. Pick form our Bamboo Racerbank Tank or Bamboo Tank, these pieces are so soft and breathable you’ll forget your wearing then except when you feel that extra layer of warmth. Choose form a wide range of colours and layer under your favourite sweatshirt, hoodie, sweater or our Eco Long Sleeve Turtle Neck.

Long Sleeve Layering Tops

Eco Fleece Turtle Neck - Crafted from a blend of organic cotton and lyocell sourced from beech and birch trees, this turtle neck top provides an added layer of warmth. Its fleeced inside finish ensures optimal coziness, making it a versatile choice as both a base and outer layer.

Merino Wool - Layering perfection with our 100% Merino wool shirts. Renowned for their lightweight feel, breathability, and exceptional softness, these shirts add an extra layer of warmth without compromising comfort. Additionally, the remarkable moisture-wicking properties make them an ideal choice, ensuring you stay dry and cozy throughout the day.

Bamboo Long Sleeve Crew Neck is another great base layer that is breathable and helps keep you warm.

Hoodies - Our Eco Warm Up and Pocket Hoodies are fitted and make a great mid-weight layer over your tank or bodysuit. They are breathable, lightweight with just enough stretch to move with your body.

Leggings for Layering

Eco Fleece Leggings - A warm fleece finish on the inside and made from organic cotton and lyocell which comes from beech and birch trees. It a nice heavier weight legging with a high waist and so comfortable that you'll want to live in these all winter long. Wear as a base or outer layer.

Bamboo Highrise Leggings - These high waisted leggings make for a great mid weight layer. Made from Bamboo and cotton and breathable and comfy, basic go to for any day.

Learn more about the fabrics we use to make this pieces by clicking here.

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