The New Eco Fleece Collection: Cozy and Eco-Friendly

Sustainably made lounge wear

Hey there, fashion-forward friends! We're super excited to share something special with you – our brand new Eco Fleece Collection. This collection is all about being comfy, looking good, and doing good for our planet. It's made right here in Vancouver, where we're proud to call home

Turtle Neck Eco Friendly sweaters in black and grey





1. Eco Turtle Neck Long Sleeve

Stay warm and stylish with this cozy long sleeve. Perfect for everyday adventures or just chilling at home.





Eco Fleece leggings in Black & grey







2. Eco Fleece Legging

Who says leggings can't be super comfy and eco-friendly? These leggings are perfect for your active days or just lounging around.






Eco Fleece Lounge Pants in black & grey






3. Eco Lounge Pant

Kick back and relax in these lounge pants. They're not just comfy; they're also made with the environment in mind.








Why choose our Eco Fleece Collection? Well, it's all about making choices that feel good. Our clothes are made right here in Vancouver, where we believe in creating stylish, quality pieces without harming the planet.

Ready to add a touch of sustainable style to your wardrobe? Check out the Eco Fleece Collection on our Canadian website. Here's to looking good, feeling great, and keeping it green! 🌿✨

Eco Fleece Louge outfit in grey

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