Happy International Women’s Day!
Connect with yourself, celebrate your achievements, and join the movement. This year, we want to help you actively make an impact.
Instagram Yoga Challenge Announcement!
March 8th - 14th 2022
March 8th is a day to celebrate women all over the world! This year, our theme is all about bamboo. Bamboo is a symbol for strength and resilience - it can flex and bend without breaking, and will stand strong even in the harshest environments. Its ability to grow despite adversity is inspirational.
Actively make an impact this International Women’s Day by participating in our yoga challenge! Starting March 8th, you can join a 7-day yoga pose challenge and be entered to win one of THREE $100 Gift Cards to Public Myth! Our clothing is sustainable, ethically-made, and made from eco-friendly bamboo fabric!
A $100 Gift Card to THREE lucky winners!
How to participate
  1. Follow @odette__hughes and @publicmyth on Instagram
  2. Like our Instagram post
  3. Post your daily yoga pose using the #BendLikeBambooChallenge hashtag
  4. Invite 2-3 Yogis to participate by tagging them in your post!
  5. Double check that your account is public
Daily Poses:
Day 1: Child's pose
Day 2: Seated meditation
Day 3: Low squat
Day 4: Eagle pose
Day 5: Raised hands pose
Day 6: Tree pose
Day 7: Standing side bend
Day 1 of the #BendLikeBambooChallenge begins on March 8th 2022! Three winners will be selected and contacted on March 15th, 2022. 
*Please note that to be eligible for the prize, you must follow all of the rules listed above. No duplicate winners. Contest closes March 14th, 2022 11:59 PST. Canada & US only. 
*This contest is in no way associated with Instagram.

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